Since 2003, Near BPO has been providing Nearshore Agile Software Business Process Outsourcing Solutions to leading enterprises worldwide.

SAAS Development

All of our solutions are made to custom order. Built from the ground up with specific parameters and objectives to meet your business’ goals, all while taking into consideration its unique corporate structure and operations. Our goal is to offer your business maximum performance results, so we take every single detail into account when developing your software. No two companies are identical, and at Near BPO, we believe that software shouldn’t be either.

Agile Software Development, Designed With Your Exact Business Requirements

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IT Consulting

Every business owner knows how important it is to always be improving your business. Globalization must be met with intricate communications equipment and software platforms built to withstand the surging tech industry. We help companies become more adaptable in order to swiftly respond to the escalating number of requests in the multidimensional marketplace, allowing them to stay on top of their trade.

Manage Your Company's Information More Effectively

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Integrated Contact Center

Near BPO provides complete solutions to collect information such as telephone based surveys and polls, with specialization on policy based polls to assess constituency awareness of campaign pledges, aggregation of information from different sources to create dashboards and databases, customer contact information cleansing and updates and back-office research related to the status of a customer initiated process.

Services for Information Gathering, Outreach Services, and Customer Care

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Take Control of Your Local Business

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We deliver custom solutions that are built to order, making sure your company’s every need is met. The software solutions delivered by Near BPO include staff augmentation for software development organizations, consulting in the area of business processes definition, integrated contact centers for information gathering, customer care, or outreach services, and dynamic digital marketing strategies for companies in any sector. Our focus is on providing our clients with value-based services that deliver exceptional customer experience, and do so effectively. We believe that all modern enterprises stand to benefit greatly by implementing technology designed to make data-driven business decisions. Near BPO’s core objective is to improve business performance through the proper management of information technology.

Our Methodologies

Agile Software Development

Based on an iterative planning, implementation, and feedback loop, agile software development enables the continuous alignment of software deliverables with changing business requirements. Thanks to the implementation of agile development, we offer customer visibility over the development process, predictable code maintenance & deployments with a short application delivery time. By continuously delivering on customer requirements, our clients can periodically update the priority of components, better manage their budget, and reduce the risk associated with software development by accelerating the maturation of initial business value, thereby ensuring that value is continuing to be maximized throughout development lifecycle. Near BPO's utilization of agile methodologies permits us to carefully design and construct the optimal solution to fit your future business objectives and operational goals.

Peer Review Collaboration

To increase the quality of the deliverables, Near BPO utilizes a peer review process which not only increases development speed, it also reduces instances of production errors. Our proven approach of having various collaborators with a range of unique software development disciplines allow us to incorporate multiple branches of knowledge into the solution. The coordination of such efforts consequently hinges on agility, with the recurrent delivery timelines throughout the development cycle serving as the opportunity for distinct ideas to intersect. Software cannot be written in a vacuum; meaningful interaction is necessary in constructing a solution that provides the most forward thinking user experience. Our trademark fusion of IT focused BPO services permit for full-scale upgrades to your company's data management resources, seamlessly enhancing the performance of your business processes.

Our Preferred Technologies



With a full scale cloud migration, we will help keep your business and its information safe and enable you to work on administrative tasks and collaborative projects from any location.



Help your business evolve with modern APIs. We develop custom solutions so you and your clients can seamlessly do business.

JavaScript, C#, Scala, HTML5

JavaScript, C#, Scala, HTML5

We love to write code. We ship code everyday using multiple programming languages. Software development is an art form and we take it very seriously.



We build and administer databases using the safest and most reliable methods. Get started today and learn more about database administration.

Big Data

Big Data

The understanding of semantic data correlation is a key specialization of Near BPO. We can help you gain deeper knowledge of your business by connecting the dots.

At Near BPO the Customer is always first

The Advantages

Check Out Our Case Studies

We have provided outsourcing solutions to multiple Fortune 100 companies, acquiring exclusive BPO methods to accommodate high volume markets, including big data management. With Near BPO as your service provider, you’ll be utilizing the same cutting-edge tools and knowledge from high-profile and highly-scalable SAAS operations for companies ranging from large multinational corporations to small local businesses in almost every industry sector.

We are committed to resolving IT challenges with both speed and determination. Our quality services are provided from a Nearshore location and are highly attractive to corporations that will benefit from an experienced software development team with high availability of resources and dynamic staffing, all with a lower cost of development. So take a look at our case studies section, where you can find out more about how we have helped these companies boost their performance with our distinct software business process outsourcing solutions.

See What They Have To Say
  • Proven track record of BPO strategies from working with several Fortune 100 companies in multiple industry sectors.
  • Complete transparency of solution implementation with real-time monitoring of key performance indicators.
  • Team members are knowledgable in a wide variety of IT resources and business process solutions.
  • Nearshore location in the same time zone as USA allowing same day on-site access.
  • We offer optimized and dynamic staffing flexibility to meet growing demands.
  • Outsourcing allows your business to reduce costs without compromising on quality.





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