Can I use a CDN?2019-08-28T20:59:49-04:00

All sites on Pantheon come pre-configured with Pantheon’s Global CDN powered by Fastly. No setup, no constant tinkering, just confidence that your site is running at light-speed across the globe. If you’d like to use your own CDN, you can. You do not need permission, action, or configuration from Pantheon to use a CDN. To learn more about using a CDN, see our docs.

How does getting my site onto the platform work?2019-08-28T20:58:47-04:00

For self-service plans, onboarding is DIY. We have plenty of documentation and videos to get you up to speed. Plus, when you’re ready to launch, our Launch Check tool will highlight common issues and give you recommendations on how to fix. If you want more help, Elite-level customers get a dedicated onboarding manager and launch team for guaranteed launch success.

How many sites can I access with my account?2019-08-28T20:57:24-04:00

On Pantheon, your account is tied to your email address. When you login, you will be able to see all the sites that you’ve created or been added as a team member to. Plan levels are tied to a specific site. You can add as many team members as you like to a site.

If I go over my plan limit will I be charged overages?2019-08-28T20:55:20-04:00

All Performance plans include Overage Protection to prevent one-time traffic spikes from causing billing issues—meaning you won’t be charged for one-time overages. In cases where the change to traffic behavior is sustained for more than one month consecutively, we will notify you and move the site to the appropriate Performance plan. Basic plans do not have Overage Protection and are subject to incremental charges for traffic overages on their bill. The overage charge is $2.50 per 1,000 visits in the applicable billing period.

How does HTTPS work on Pantheon?2019-08-28T20:54:04-04:00

HTTPS is FREE and automated for all sites via Let’s Encrypt. Plus, we’ll manage your SSL certificates forever, no more renewal reminders.

What about the RAM and storage limit on plans?2019-08-28T20:59:20-04:00

Pantheon’s service levels aren’t tied to specific physical servers, VMs, or VPSs. Every site is distributed and runs across the platform. Our container-based architecture means that you don’t have to worry about OS-level limits like system RAM or CPUs. If you’re curious about PHP memory limits for your application processes, see our tech specs.

Alexa Ranking2014-09-02T20:37:56-04:00

A method of determining a site’s traffic

Domain Authority2014-09-02T20:36:54-04:00

A indicator of how high a page or domain will appear in the search results


Pay Per Click


Online Reputation Management


Key Performance Indicator


Return on Investment


Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Results Page


Business Process Outsourcing


Service Oriented Architecture


Application Programming Interface


Software As A Service

Peer Review Collaboration2015-03-16T21:05:13-04:00

To increase the quality of the deliverables, Near BPO utilizes a peer review process which not only increases development speed, it also reduces instances of production errors. Our proven approach of having various collaborators with a range of unique software development disciplines allow us to incorporate multiple branches of knowledge into the solution. The coordination of such efforts consequently hinges on agility, with the recurrent delivery timelines throughout the development cycle serving as the opportunity for distinct ideas to intersect. Software cannot be written in a vacuum; meaningful interaction is necessary in constructing a solution that provides the most forward thinking user experience. Our trademark fusion of IT focused BPO services permit for full-scale upgrades to your company’s data management resources, seamlessly enhancing the performance of your business processes.

Agile Software Development2016-12-06T01:48:52-05:00

Based on an iterative planning, implementation, and feedback loop, agile software development enables the continuous alignment of software deliverables with changing business requirements. Thanks to the implementation of agile development, we offer customer visibility over the development process, predictable code maintenance & deployments with a short application delivery time. By continuously delivering on customer requirements, our clients can periodically update the priority of components, better manage their budget, and reduce the risk associated with software development by accelerating the maturation of initial business value, thereby ensuring that value is continuing to be maximized throughout development lifecycle. Near BPO’s utilization of agile methodologies permits us to carefully design and construct the optimal solution to fit your future business objectives and operational goals.