Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow us to create optimal digital experiences for our customers. Using specific methods, they perform standardized processes and programming functions, sharing data and functionality with other programs or systems and thus ensuring agile, fluid communication between different software.

APIs simplify the creation of applications around them, facilitating their interaction, helping companies to save time and money during development.

According to a recent report, 35% of today’s technology leaders generated more than a quarter of their organizations’ revenue directly from APIs.

APIs enable developers to drive innovation in design, flexibility, architecture management and integration with current products, as well as the creation and integration of new products and their monetization.

Flexibility is vital in very short-term developments, cloud-native applications, and microservices accessed through APIs at an affordable price.

Avoid unpleasant surprises with your APIs in the future—such as service interruption, regression, or even permanent suspension of service—by implementing the leading API management platform, Apigee.

As part of the Google Cloud, it enables application development in record time and with the lowest acquisition cost in the industry. With proper monetization, this provides a rapid return on investment and profitability.

Apigee allows us to easily create proxies in a visual way as steps in its lifecycle. We can add conditionals and perform pre-flow and post-flow actions on request both on the way to, and from, the target endpoint.

Apigee’s out-of-the-box policies optimize your APIs to control traffic, improve performance, enhance security and increase usability, all without the need to write code or modify backend services.

Get large-scale execution, increased agility and cost optimization. Operate in a multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environment with Google Apigee. Be part of the evolution and request expert advice now.