API Security (apisec™)

Protect your APIs with AI

Safeguard your API without requiring your development team to become security experts.

API Security (apisec™)

Applications are constantly changing. APIs are the lens into applications, hence keeping up with the vulnerabilities exposed through change is difficult. Vulnerabilities in applications are no longer at the surface, rather hidden in the combination of roles and business logic of what is exposed.

Security validation is done manually today, slower than the speed of DevOps. Near BPO recommends apisec™, a true DevSecOps solution that reduces penetration testing costs.

API Security Challenge

APIs are the front door to proprietary user data and identity information. APIs are secured using Web Application Firewalls and API Gateways from non-legitimate users and inappropriate internet traffic. Yet certain flaws in application business logic may grant a legitimate user access to information this user should not have access to. Hackers are misusing such business logic vulnerabilities to steal confidential information.

AI-Based Automation

apisec™ leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to automate API security for more than a thousand scenarios outlined in OWASP for APIs covering application business logic, RBAC, ABAC and SQL injection vulnerabilities.

How apisec™ works

apisec™ is an AI-based SaaS for API security validation:

  1. Thousands of attack vectors generated per API
  2. Scans can be scheduled with a set frequency or triggered by CI/CD pipeline
  3. API requests sent as defined attack vectors
  4. AI analyzes API responses and identifies critical security vulnerabilities
  5. Reports and synchronizes security issues with defect tracking tools

Business Benefits

  • Lower Cost: 10x reduction in API Penetration test cost
  • Reduced Risk: Significantly reduced API security risk with 50x better coverage
  • Faster Fixes: 25x faster turnaround time from discovery to remediation

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