Senior Project Manager

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Develop and plan projects across departments to ensure needs and timelines are meet.

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General Information

Work Location:

Anywhere with good internet (>10 Mbps & 99.9% Availability)

Availability to Travel:

Not now

Language Requirements:

English (Fluent)
Spanish (Very Desired)
Portuguese (Desired)

Education (Major or Graduate Degree):

Ings. Systems / Mathematics applied to computers or related

Job Requirements

The following requirements will be evaluated during the interview.

The items in red could be tested during the interview.

The items in black will be closely evaluated and you must have recent experience and use (less than 3 months since last use).

General Competences (In Order of Importance)

  • Systematically analyze the progress of each project, detect possible problems and react immediately.
  • Successfully face different projects and at the same time, remain calm and attend to all the details.
  • Can work with different areas and groups inside and outside of the company.
  • Written and verbal at an above professional level. Keep all staff promptly informed of the changes that occur in the baking.
  • Being able to actively participate in the pursuit of a common goal, subordinating personal interests to the objectives of the team.
  • Establish channels for fluid communication with the rest of the team that helps build trust. In addition, you must know how to take advantage of the individual qualities of each member for the benefit of the project.

  • Have the initiative and ability to anticipate problems or needs.
  • Can follow up that assigned task in time and form.
  • Be able to recognize and solve problems quickly, distributing and delegating tasks among team members.
  • You can propose and provide solutions to your managers or clients proactively.
  • Aware of his obligations and acts in accordance with them.
  • Help customers and teams to facilitate their work.
  • Take advantage of human resources so that the budget does not get out of control and the objective is met.
  • Being able to perceive, express, understand and manage emotions.

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