The R&D team at Near BPO has worked in parallel with development teams from some of the best known high-tech firms in the world. Our quick turnaround effectively boosts your software development speed, enabling faster delivery of your product pipeline while avoiding the need to increase your payroll. Programming teams function as an internal component of your company, helping create the optimal environment for agile development. The Agile development methodologies utilized by our R&D team are based on iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between all parties involved in the definition and implementation of the solution, allowing for rapid delivery of high-quality software, and a business approach that aligns development with customer needs and project objectives.


Near BPO has provided a number of solutions for leading enterprises in the financial sector, such as client acquisition and retention, up-sale and cross-selling techniques, advanced security for database administration, and the refinement of business processes. The services we provide have been validated and certified by the largest and most trusted financial institutions in the global financial market.


The rate of change in the educational field is simply unparalleled, and any institution that thinks it can ignore the wave of future change is already in a state of decline. We have developed applications for publishers enabling them to distribute their issued work and provide a testing platform over the internet. By providing educational institutions with sophisticated API management tools, we allow better oversight of academic resources and provide a highly updatable platform from which they can provide course content through individual portals. Near BPO will smoothly upgrade your institution by providing it with the most innovative systems, the end goal being to increase scholastic achievement through the use of best IT practices. By transforming your institution into a 21st century academy and properly engaging your students using modern information outlets, you will not only provide your currently enrolled students with a tangible educational upgrade, you will also secure your school’s image as a dynamic force, adding future value to your academic establishment.


Companies that offer healthcare services choose Near BPO to improve the quality of their services and reduce administrative costs without compromising the security and privacy of their patients. We strive to promote innovation in the healthcare marketplace in order to deliver overall better patient health and satisfaction through the comprehensive use of cutting-edge medical technology. From digital management of medical records, to providing increased exposure to clinical research through mobile apps, we’ve got you covered!


Near BPO provides in-depth tools to solve a wide range of local business problems. From the implementation of mini CRMs and ERPs to the administrating dynamic marketing strategies, we can help your local business maximize its financial performance. It is an undeniable truth that improving the digital footprint of your local business translates directly into an increase in customers. With our PowerListings service, you can seamlessly control the largest database in online directory listings, review sites, and social networks, allowing you to boost your visibility in the crowded local marketplace. Reputation management can make a night and day difference in client retention, isn’t it time you found out what people are saying about your business?


We specialize in the operation of complex public sector projects, and as such have earned partnerships with several state entities. Characterized by their high social impact, government projects undertaken by Near BPO are the most genuine examples of challenges where our core principles of complete transparency and accountability are put to greater use. Our methodologies focus on meeting rigorous standards in regards to budgetary performance and security, making Near BPO the first choice for government outsourcing projects.


We encourage our associates to the take time to use their talent for good causes. We owe it to the world to give something of ourselves back to society and promote positive change. If you are a directing member of an NPO and are looking to expand your IT infrastructure, let us know! Near BPO loves to assist in projects focus on increasing educational awareness and provided technological resources to the poor and rural youth. Change the world and you will change yourself.