Apigee Business Strategy Evolution

Critical Event Assurance

Getting Ready to Deliver the Performance to Achieve Success

With a clear understanding of the Relevant Business Scenarios that need to be successful during a scheduled event, ensure that all the required components for Apigee Edge are ready to deliver the expected results by executing tests to validate assumptions.

What is Critical Event Assurance?

With a deployment review by an expert consultant, two rounds of performance testing for up to 3 APIs, and a dedicated online support channel, Near BPO takes a proactive approach to deliver this service by engaging with you several weeks before your critical event.

Be Ready for your Critical Events

Prepare For Critical Events

Before your critical event, make sure that a team of experts review:

  • Edge configuration for performance changes
  • API proxies to identify patterns affecting performance

Changing system configuration, API proxies, network, etc. will help to ensure a successful event.

Starts 4 weeks before your critical event

Critical Event Assurance

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