Nearshore perspective in a globalized world

We’re in a time where there’s more and more competitive interrelation between countries, and consequently, services and interactions have evolved to become remote. Companies are now looking for new collaboration strategies that allow them to reduce their costs. To achieve this goal, many companies have chosen Nearshore outsourcing, a great alternative that emerged a couple of decades ago.

Nearshore consists of hiring a team that works remotely, but is still geographically close to the location of your company, facilitating the outsourcing of some of the company’s services or activities to countries with more flexible economies.

The main reasons for companies to choose Nearshore are cost reductions, logistics, and cultural proximity. It’s the best way to expand your team to more efficiently achieve the strategic plans of the organization.

Benefits of Nearshore

  • You’ll be able to have a smaller workforce and spend less time and resources on personnel management, which translates into significant savings for the company, especially in terms of recruitment, selection, and salaries.
  • Outsourcing some services will also allow you to gain scalability, allowing you to grow at a faster rate.
  • Access to the best technology, upgrades, and staff training at low costs.
  • Greater competitiveness in the market.
  • It facilitates communication and time control, thanks to its geographical and cultural proximity.
  • It gives you the opportunity to expand services or generate new ones, supported by the advice we provide.

In short, Nearshore gives you the chance to work with an experienced team that fully understands your needs and is relatively close to your country. By combining organizational innovation and the best available technology, you gain the opportunity to realize substantial savings. Take for example, the case between Vertex Data Science Ltd and Near BPO.

“Vertex has found in Near BPO a professional, reliable, intelligent and responsive strategic partner, who has been able to offer a complex BPO solution with agility and quality. Vertex is excited about the opportunity to take advantage of this partnership, which has been built on the foundation of quality execution and trust in order to expand our solution offering.”

When choosing a Nearshore strategy, look for a partner that has the experience, the technological resources, and the appropriate methodology to improve processes that will allow you to join the digital evolution that we are experiencing.

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