Why Your Company Needs Search Engine Optimization

Why Your Company Needs SEO

It is hard to believe that the SEO discipline has been around for more than twenty years. But still very few people know how important SEO is in the current digital world. In this post we will explain the basics of SEO, and why it is fundamental for any company to have this asset in its website and how we can help you.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? (The Very Basics)

In a nutshell, SEO is the reason behind why some websites appear at the top in some search engines and why others appear at the bottom. It is important to know that this process is organic, this means non-paid.

The SEO process has many components, but in the following lines we are going to cover and briefly explain three of the main ones:

SEO On-page: We use this strategy to adapt all the content, metadata, and keywords of a website to be search-friendly. We make sure that, let’s call it the body of the site, is flawless. We optimize the body of the website in order to improve its ranking in the search engines.

SEO Technical: As the name itself implies, this part of the SEO process is very technical. In this step we improve all the codes, mechanisms, and structures; in other words the site’s DNA, that lead the search engine to locate and place your website.

SEO Off-page: Although we have the body and the DNA of the website, we will soon need the help of our neighbors to provide some extra validation. These neighbors are other websites and social media. This validation will ensure the search engines that our website is reliable and that a number of other ¨bodies¨ trust and interact with it. These relationships can go beyond the web. In recent years, social media has become a very important part of Off-page SEO.

How We Can Help Your Company with Nearshore BPO

Nearshore BPO or Nearshore Business Process Outsourcing is a way to operate some of your business processes from nearby countries. For example, our company, Near BPO, offers services such as SEO, Software Development, API consulting, Power Listings, among others; all these from our offices in Mexico City.

Providing all these services, and with more than fifteen years of experience, we are familiar with the constant demands of the modern world and how some enterprises are often left behind in the technological race. If you feel that your business needs an update or an improvement to attract more clients, SEO is a tool that will make your enterprise stand out from your competition.

We can provide your company with services that go from web design to mobile apps development. You can rest assured that Near BPO will not only cover your SEO needs but it will be able to give you and your business a broad range of services that can help your company built or maintain your technological assets.

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