What are the stakes?

Every business has many paths to choose from when it comes to growing their digital presence. There are hundreds of signals that search engines collect and analyze to determine where to place your website in the search engine results.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and if you are serious about appearing prominently on Google, you must work to implement each and every opportunity to improve the status quo. The goal is to outperform the competition, not just catch up to them, right? To be the industry leader you must provide as much value as possible. You cannot leave your website untouched for years at a time! It’s important to give people a reason to visit or return to your website.

What are some of the most effective ways of growing your web presence organically?

The techniques that website developers and content creators use to get in front of their potential customers vary dramatically. Some requirements can be very technical, such as implementing HTTPS to improve security or caching to reduce load times. Other traffic acquisition and conversion methods are naturally easier to understand, and blogging is often one of the most overlooked. Instead of constantly spending on PPC, which has no long-term benefits and stops working the second you stop paying, consider investing in organic optimization. Your results will last for years to come!

Blogging as a way to boost engagement and customer success

Recently, as more and more people have been using search engines and social media platforms, one of the growing trends to facilitate sales has been customer engagement.

This involves meeting customers where they are (platform, device, language) and answering any questions they might have about your business and industry.

Blogs are great for starting this initiative! Here’s a few reasons why blogging improves user engagement.

#1 Long tail keywords & external links + internal links

A traditional landing page does not usually contain all the keywords associated with the topic, or it risks becoming too specific to be a good landing page. Blog posts give you the ability to expand on topics while keeping pages short and sweet with centralized topics. You will start to appear in the search engines for more queries as you grow your blog.

The nature of landing pages make it such that they are not typically shared and linked to from, but you can easily get links to blog articles. Bonus points if you have an internal linking strategy to connect related pages!

# 2 – Conversational tone

When reading a good blog post, the user is stimulated in a much more organic way. They are not being pressured into buying anything, they are simply learning. Don’t you want your company to be an authority? Showing you are knowledgeable in the services you provide is key to instilling confidence in potential customers. Capture the entire customer lifecycle by exposing them to new ideas and promote conversation in your comments section!

#3 – Easy to share on social media

After writing a post, the next logical step is to share it on your social media channels. Instead of just having silly memes and generic holiday posts on your timeline, followers can now stay up to date on relevant news and educational articles worth sharing. This one of the most effective ways to advertise and grow your visibility!

#4 – Newsletters and contact forms

Not everyone checks their social media daily, but people regularly check their email inbox. Sending them curated emails with links to your latest posts is a great way to bring traffic to your site and shed light on new products or services. People don’t usually provide information such as their name and email address unless there is something they will get in exchange, but with a professional blog, you will have people handing over their contact information without you needing to ask for it!

#5 – Increase your visitor Time on Site (TOS)

The longer a user spends navigating on your platform, the better impression your website is leaving on Google. Search engines use a variety of metrics to determine the quality of a website. It knows how long visitors spend on your website and incorporates the TOS metric to determine positioning in the search results. Blogs are the perfect way to get people to spend a little more time on your website. Whether through reading extended text articles or watching compelling video content, growing your TOS has many direct and indirect benefits because you are leaving a good impression on both your user and on search engine algorithms. Decrease your bounce rate while simultaneously providing more value!

#6 – Distinguish yourself from the competition

The name of the game is to beat your opponent, not just match them. If you have the drive and motivation to be the best in your industry, a fresh and educational blog works wonders towards the goal of becoming the leader. It shows you are committed to constantly improving the user experience by delving into exciting news and breaching topics that might not be suitable for typical landing pages. When a visitor lands on your site and sees that you are keeping it updated on a weekly or monthly basis, they feel more assured about the fact that you are here for the long haul. You cannot buy trust, and blogging is the best way to slowly but surely build public trust.

#7 –  Mobilize your visitors

The main goal of every company is to bring together people together and provide new opportunities for collaborative growth. When figuring out what to write on your blog, consider the fact that you are responsible for educating your customers on what the far reaching benefits are of your products and services. If you are an online shop for consumers, use your blog as the place to announce new products, promotions, and collect customer feedback. If you operate in a corporate ecosystem and deploy B2B solutions, the blog is a great resource for publishing a variety of materials that will enable customer success. You can demonstrate anything from suggested use-cases of your services, testimonials from happy clients, relevant industry news, or highlight company awards or achievements. It’s crucial to give your visitors something to do after landing on your website

Keep the conversation going…

The benefits are many and the underlying principle is simple…getting customers to your website is already enough of a challenge. Don’t complicate it any further by giving them a stale and outdated site with no content. Instead, start using a blog and content marketing campaign to grow your traffic, improve the user experience, and ultimately sell more!

Getting started with content marketing

Not every company has the luxury of hiring an entire department to research and publish articles on a regular basis. At Near BPO, we provide professional and value-based outsourcing services so your business acquires the resources and experience needed to develop a well-oiled content marketing strategy.

Want to learn more about how we can help your company grow with organic traffic and optimized content? Ask for a free consultation today and you’ll be blogging before you know it!