In this ever-changing world, technology is always improving and evolving. This happened to  traditional Software Development. Following, we are going to explain how Software Development has grown and developed in past years.

First, we need to know that SaaS and Traditional Software are not opposite concepts. It’s more accurate to say that SaaS is one of the results of Traditional Software Development evolution. For example, in the past, we used to buy software on floppy discs, or later on, CDs. You needed to have the hardware to keep the data, licenses, and programmes you bought. Also, the qualified staff to keep them working smoothly.

But, Why Do We See SaaS as Evolution?

With traditional software, as we stated before, you need the hardware, the IT technicians, and to pay for software licenses. SaaS has become an easy and affordable way to create, keep, or maintain your software without the need to have a physical place or hardware to keep all your data. If you want to know in more detail the current advantages of SaaS, we invite you to read 5 Advantages of SaaS Against Traditional Software Development.

In the past, you used to get software as a product for a very high amount of money, and you could keep that software for eternity if you wanted to. Until this point, all sounds like a good deal, right? The dark side of this acquisition is that technology is always changing and innovating, so at some point, the software you bought would eventually become a useless antique. The only solution to this problem was to purchase updates from the developer— very pricy updates.

The key point in SaaS or Software as a Service is that it’s not a product. This allows anyone from anywhere to have access to software development without the need to spend tons of money on hardware, updates, and technicians.

SaaS usually offers you, for a monthly or yearly payment, the following: updates, space to work, security, accessibility, among others. You only pay for what you need or use. You just need a suitable electronic device with an internet connection, preferably, bandwidth, and you are ready to go.

In Near BPO, we offer a wide variety of SaaS services, if you want to know more about these services please contact us. It’s time you bring your company to a new and more efficient technology.