Become a specialist by training with the most experienced instructor in Latin America

If you’re interested in preparing yourself or your team to design, build, and implement a scalable, highly available, and secure API solution using API services on Apigee Edge, get trained by the most experienced instructor in the market. This ensures that you achieve a clear understanding of how to implement and manage Apigee products to meet technical, security, and business continuity requirements.

The Developer Training course is the foundational training for developers that prepares you to design, create, and deploy an API solution using API services on Apigee Edge.

Acquire the necessary tools and information to install, monitor, manage, and troubleshoot a self-managed and on-premises instance of Edge, including disaster recovery through active-active or active-standby configurations, ensuring the availability of your services.

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Regardless of your experience, this hands-on training with a Certified Google partner is recommended for all developers working with Apigee Edge.

Do you know who was the first Google partner to provide Apigee training?

Due to the quality delivered both in Mexico and the United States, Near BPO has received awards from Google as the first certified partner to conduct Apigee workshops, for their expertise in the Apigee platform, as well as its implementation in financial services and native cloud application development, delivering numerous training sessions.

With over 60 collaborations with clients from all sectors, Near BPO is the leading partner throughout the Americas.

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