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Why you should choose Near BPO – Google’s 2020 Partner of the Year in Latin America

By joining Near BPO, you’ll become part of a team with over 18 years of experience in software development. We’ve been selected as consultants for over 60 digital transformation projects, with the goal of providing modern enterprises with a secure and adaptable environment, aligning technology execution with their business needs by rapidly transforming to the new reality of an interconnected enterprise without missing a step.

As an expert API developer, you will be tasked with helping companies achieve success in their hybrid environments by upgrading them using the most cutting-edge tools. You will have the unique experience of engaging with the Apigee Business Platform from Google. This is only achieved by working with an organization like Near BPO, who was selected as Google’s BAM 2020 Partner of the Year in Latin America.

Think you would be a good fit? Learn more about the educational and aspirational goals we have at Near BPO.

You would be a good candidate to join the Near BPO team if you completed a graduate or undergraduate degree (or are in the last semester) of the following majors:

  • Systems Engineering.
  • Data Science Engineering.
  • Mathematics.
  • Programming and Software Development.

These are the type of tasks you could develop:

  • Solutions in cloud environments.
  • Mobile application design, flow, development and integration.
  • Continuous integration management/continuous delivery.

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