To accelerate innovation by supporting and empowering developers, Google Cloud has combined AppSheet’s no-code application development platform with the power and API management capabilities of Apigee, creating Google Cloud Business Application Platform (BAP).

It has never been easier to create and automate workflows as well as securely connect and modernize applications, making it easier for developers to protect and manage their APIs, including authentication, key validation and rate-limiting that the Apigee platform provides.

It is now possible to do this easily without writing code by extending the API data, allowing companies to:
● Extend and modernize old applications as well as new services in the cloud.
● Have the necessary tools to generate an ecosystem of developers and partners to adopt and consume APIs.
● Publish APIs that meet Open Banking requirements in an agile, simple way (for Open Banking compliance).
● Easily connect providers with application developers to create digital services based on APIs.

All of this will help you generate new revenue streams, accelerate time to market and create satisfying experiences for your customers.

Google has expert, Apigee-certified partners around the world, for which Near BPO stands out in Latin America as “Winner of the 2020 Business Application Platform LATAM Partner of the Year Award” for professionalism, experience, and customer service. Its specialized BAP team is ready to help boost the digital development of your company, taking advantage of all your data thanks to Apigee. This will also help you measure the success of your APIs.

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