As Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

Access to strategic information during decision-making is key for any company looking to increase sales. Collecting and interpreting data is fundamental to detecting which actions are currently working and which need to be improved.

Previously, marketing managers relied on intuition to decide the direction of strategy. Now, with data analysis, it is possible to study the behavior of users browsing websites. The process consists of collecting data with different measurement tools that collect the actions performed by the user on a given web page. We can therefore reach valid conclusions that allow us to design a marketing strategy based on the data obtained and thus respond to both business and user needs, improving the performance of the page as well as the profitability of the online business.

Defining objectives before implementing web analytics tools is of utmost importance: determine the target market, the location of the company, or where we want to reach. Defining business needs will facilitate understanding of the data and orientation of the strategy.

Good web analytics allow us, among other things:

To know our visitors. Know how they have reached the site, what type of device they have used when browsing our website, how long they have been browsing each of our pages, etc. This provides us with a clear view of the interactions they made, what most interested them on our site and which pages were not of interest to them. We will know which pages are difficult to navigate so that we can optimize the site, making it more attractive and satisfactory for users.

Improve the conversion rate. This optimization will help us in turn to increase the number of users who visit the website, which will result in an increase of contacts or leads, as well as their conversion rate. As a consequence, we will be able to optimize the cost of conversion so that it becomes lower and lower.

Optimize content. By analyzing the user’s behavior, we can find out what type of content attracts them the most, allowing us to periodically rethink our content strategy so we can increase contacts, leads—and therefore sales.

Improve the user experience. By optimizing the site with the help of web analytics, we will be able to improve the user experience as well as the brand image, which will be more satisfactory for the user. This means an increase in sales for the company.

Having the advice and experience of true experts in web analytics is essential to achieving success.

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