Migration of Trireme based Node.js applications to Hosted Targets and GAE

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Trireme end-of-life

Do you currently have Node.js applications running in Apigee EDGE public cloud?

As of today, it is possible to run Node.js applications in Apigee EDGE inside a JVM that is scoped to an organization and environment using a set of libraries called Trireme. Support for them has been deprecated by Apigee and on 10/10/2019, Apigee Edge Cloud will remove the service altogether. However, Trireme will continue to work in private cloud installations.

What will happen to my Node.js applications running in Apigee EDGE public cloud?

There will be no way execute your Node.js applications within Apigee EDGE environment.

Why is Apigee removing support for Node.js applications in the EDGE public cloud?

Apigee received feedback from its customers that they wanted to have the latest version of Node.js. Given that is beyond the scope of API management, and Google App Engine provides the best-in-class runtime environment, Apigee saw fit to encourage users to migrate in order take full advantage of all the benefits of the Google App Engine.

As an intermediate step with the goal of reducing your migration risk, Apigee is providing a service called Apigee Hosted Targets on the path to your full migration to Google App Engine.

What are Hosted Targets?

Hosted Targets let you run Node.js applications in a native runtime environment hosted by Apigee. Apigee is still in control of deployment, security, scalability and environment isolation for your Node.js applications where Edge API proxies can call them as target services.

What is Google App Engine?

Google App Engine is a multi-language serverless application platform with zero server management and zero configuration deployment, which enables developers to focus entirely on coding applications without the management overhead.

What are the main issues faced when migrating away from Trireme?

Although the ‘apigee-access module’ is still available, it only works with Node.js applications running within Trireme, allowing direct access to flow variables and other proxy data. However, this module will not work in GAE or Hosted Targets. To share data the existing Node.js applications will have to workaround these data access limitations.

How Near BPO can help you migrate your Trireme Node.js applications?

Near BPO can work with you to determine the best way to migrate your Node.js applications and then lead hands-on sessions to determine the migration strategy.

We have had the opportunity to collaborate with Apigee’s Customer Success Team since 2012. We have participated in over 50 Customer Projects leading the engagements where we have received excellent feedback on the quality of the consulting services provided.


We have worked with some of the most successful corporations in the world, helping them deploy in a variety of environments, ranging from on-site to cloud, and even multi-cloud and mixed deployment environments. Working as a key alliance in the digital transformation of these corporations, Near BPO helps provide solutions in architectural definition, implementation, deployment, DevOps, CI/CD, training, interactive documentation, and partner portal implementation.

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