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Why Tech Companies Fail: Top 5 Reasons

2023-07-14T16:53:48-04:00IT Industry|

We live in a technological era that it’s constantly evolving and changing. In fact, few of us can keep up with the pace of technological evolution. The reasoning behind this phenomenon is the hundreds of [...]

Ellos acelerarán tu negocio en Abril

2023-07-14T17:06:11-04:00IT Industry|

¿Te has preguntado cómo podrías acelerar procesos, digitalizar tu negocio, utilizar la tecnología a tu favor? Éste 20 de Abril del 2016 se darán cita en la Ciudad de Mexico empresarios y banqueros para charlar sobre temas [...]

The Need for Privacy with the Rise of Big Data

2023-07-14T17:08:26-04:00IT Industry|

Look at the technology space objectively, and you might realize it's kind of in a weird place: smartphones, fitness trackers and social networks have ushered us into an era of data -- the location of our friends and family in [...]